Video Production

Innovative proprietary camera equipment allows for any range of video production capabilities. Keep your machines running while their action is filmed safely and with minimal interruption or company downtime.

Corporate video production, charity and event videos, social media video content, hobby and personal/ family videos


‘Za Story : Rico’s Pizzeria DownTown London Ontario

A story of two people and their pizza shop downtown. A story is easy to tell when people are passionate about what they do! The night before the video shoot, me...

2016 Lifting the Silence Memorial Walk, London Ontario

Jason Mackenzie, author and founder of the Book of Open speaks at Lifting the Silence Memorial Walk is an annual event in memory of loved ones lost to suicide.

Bike n’ Brains Free Ride Event & Rodeo : Brain injury, awareness, and helmets Brains and Life by: Joy Cameron (Bikes n’ Brains founder) Living with post-concussion syndrome has taught Joy a lot about brains and l...

2 Minutes of Camera Movement (proprietary gear)

The shot inside the greenhouse behind the metal flower? That guy had two to five hours of video camera experience when he took that shot. No better way to get y...

Specialized Cycling in London Ontario

Testing camera gear. The car I am sitting in is actually quite a distance over from the cyclist. It’s a a Ford Focus hatchback with the smallest windows y...

Unicycle Jogging Stroller, KM #337 : Yellow & Green Balls Downtown London Ontario

This is how me and my kids get around! This is how I work out. You can see in the video how in control I am, but you really don’t ‘get’ how in...

Early Childhood Education : The Tapejara Method : Play. Research. Repeat. – When you are this excited about your new educational tool, learning is easy! (FYI: winged reptiles we...

Cory and His Delorean

Cory wanted a delorean his whole life. Now he has one. Woah. Heavy!

This is Why We Do It – Endor City Star Wars Group London Ontario

Endor City Star Wars Group used to be called The London Rogues. The name has changed, some of the people have changed. What we do and why we do it has stayed th...

Rebounding With The Health Circulator

The Health Circulator is a rebounder. It looks like a mini trampoline but operates much differently. What do you know about your lymphatic system?

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