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Bike n’ Brains Free Ride Event & Rodeo : Brain injury, awareness, and helmets

Brains and Life by: Joy Cameron (Bikes n’ Brains founder)

Living with post-concussion syndrome has taught Joy a lot about brains and life. As a Child and Youth Worker, Joy thinks it’s pretty important to talk about them both!

Kids will learn about brains and why it’s important to protect them. But we won’t stop there. We’ll also consider the importance of choosing compassion and empathy when it might be easier to make unkind assumptions.

We can’t control everything that happens in life, but we can choose our response. No matter what curve balls life throws our way, there is always hope!

Bikes n’ Brains began out of Joy’s desire to find hope and purpose in the midst really difficult experiences. It’s a FREE annual awareness and prevention event presented by the Brain Injury Association of London and Region.

Check out the video announcement for Bikes n’ Brains! We made this video together while discussing future homeschool participation/information sessions. (I learned so much about brains I never knew from talking to her for only a few minutes!)

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