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2016 Lifting the Silence Memorial Walk, London Ontario

My brother,Jason MacKenzie, asked me to record his seven minute speech. I was there with my camera and got much more of the event beforehand – I got there pretty early… I recordered the musical performance afterwards, and it happened that the lyrics in the song lined up with much of the footage I had gotten just because I was there with my camera 🙂 What a wonderful song

Jason Mackenzie, author and founder of the Book of Open speaks at Lifting the Silence Memorial Walk is an annual event in memory of loved ones lost to suicide.

Jason shares his personal journey and issues a call to action to find the courage to be vulnerable and share our authentic stories with one another. Helping someone know they are not alone is one of the greatest gifts one person can give to another.



Here’s a video I filmed in 2010 for Jason and his family
“Today my neices held a Lemonade stand for charity, with all proceeds going to the Orangeville branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association, and raised over $3000! Their mother, Cindy, was battling with mental illness ”

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